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Flatpack, Pre-assembled, or Custom Kitchen: Which is best for you?

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the most used area in any home. Not only do we cook meals in the kitchen, but it’s also the place for a family to converge and catch up on the day’s events. That’s why a kitchen needs to be not only attractive but practical and spacious also.

The best way to do achieve all these things is to renovate or upgrade your kitchen. Now, when it comes to renovating kitchens in Perth, there are three types of kitchen cabinets to choose between. These include flatpack kitchens, pre-assembled kitchens and custom kitchens.

But which is best for you? Today, I’ll talk about these kitchen cabinets in a little more detail and outline their advantages and disadvantages. So, read through this post, and when you’re done, you’ll know just which type of kitchen cabinet consider.

Flatpack kitchens

Flatpack kitchens are a popular choice for kitchens in Perth. They come in standard sizes and require the homeowner to assemble cabinets themselves.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of flatpack kitchens is that they are incredibly affordable. Flatpacks are also available in a range of sizes, designs and styles, so you have plenty of choices.

However, if you’ve never handled DIY building projects, assembling flatpack cabinets can be stressful. Moreover, installing the sink over a flatpack cabinet is quite tricky, even if you manage to assemble your cabinets.

Also, understand that flatpack cabinets are mass manufactured for affordability. Their quality cannot match that of custom or pre-assembled kitchens.

Pre-assembled kitchens

Pre-assembled kitchens are the most popular kitchen cabinet choice for Perth homeowners. Also known as modular kitchens or prefabricated kitchens, these cabinets are manufactured and assembled in factories, eliminating the need for homeowners to assemble them themselves.

You can think of pre-assembled kitchens as a semi-custom kitchen. Like flatpack kitchens, you can choose from a variety of cabinets in varying shapes and sizes. However, they are higher in quality and you don’t have to worry about assembling them. You need to spend nothing on labour because there’s no assembling involved. As such, the price of pre-assembled kitchens varies greatly as compared to flatpack kitchens. However, if you choose correctly, pre-assembled kitchens can rival the quality of custom kitchens at a far lower price.

If you’re looking to upgrade or renovate your kitchen on a budget, yet retain quality, go with pre-assembled kitchens.

Custom Kitchens

Custom kitchens are the most expensive option when it comes to kitchens in Perth. As the name implies, these kitchens are custom designed to suit your specific requirements. These days, the cabinets are manufactured as preassembled units and are assembled during their installation onsite by the kitchen cabinet makers.

The biggest advantage custom kitchens have over other kitchens is that you have unlimited choice. You can design your kitchen just the way you want to. From finish options to the material used and from door styles to accessories, you have plenty of options.

However, custom kitchens suffer from two major drawbacks – their high cost and their long production time. This is one reason why custom kitchens are not as popular as pre-assembled or flatpack kitchens.


When it comes to upgrading or renovating kitchens in Perth, you can choose between flatpack kitchens, pre-assembled kitchens and custom kitchens. Flatpack kitchens are affordable, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes, but you’ll need to assemble them yourself. Custom kitchens can be completely customised to your requirements, but they’re expensive and have a long production time. On the other hand, pre-assembled or modular cabinets are affordable, and there’s no assembling involved.

For the best-preassembled kitchens in Perth, consider our range of kitchen cabinets at Alpine Building Products. From wall cabinets to base cabinets and pantry cabinets to laundry cabinets, we offer a full range of kitchen cabinets, which are manufactured to the highest of quality and are built to last. And, thanks to our superior artistry, our cabinets offer the same quality as custom kitchens at a far lower price.

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