Lakes Bathrooms Australia

Lakes Bathrooms Australia

When it comes to quality shower screens and bath screens in Perth, Lakes Bathrooms’ range is hard to beat. Offering equal parts style and quality, Lakes Bathrooms’ shower screens and bath screens are available in a wide range to suit all needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

Our Lakes Bathrooms range comprises the highest quality shower screens, shower enclosures, and shower doors and bath screens, each backed with a lifetime warranty.

The Lakes Bathrooms brand is synonymous with quality, style, and innovation, winning many awards for its advanced manufacturing.

Why Choose Lakes Bathrooms Australia?

AllClear® Stay-Clean Coating

AllClear Coating

All Lakes Bathrooms products feature AllClear, a revolutionary stay-clean glass coating that repels water, limescale, and soap scum, allowing your shower glass to practically clean itself. Water sheets off the glass with AllClear technology, wiping away debris and residue while you shower. All that is required is a simple wipe! It’s more sanitary and cleaner, plus it looks much nicer without smeared glass and limescale!

PureVueHD Clearly Superior Glass

PureVueHD Clearly Superior Glass

Many Lakes Bathrooms shower screens, shower enclosures, and shower doors feature PureVueHD. Standard glass has a green tinge, which is brought on by the glass’s iron-oxide content. PureVueHD reduces the iron-oxide content of standard glass to provide a clearer and brighter glass. PureVueHD’s tint free nature enables a bathroom’s design to stand out, resulting in more natural colours, sharper details, and improved clarity.

Quality Frames & Glass

Quality Frames & Glass

The beautiful aluminium frames by Lakes Bathrooms have an anodized polished silver appearance. Height is measured from the top of the tray or bath for all products, including shower doors and screens. All products are crafted using toughened glass that has been certified to BSI EN12150-1 in a variety of thicknesses.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

When it comes to the bathroom, functionality is king, and Lakes Bathrooms is well aware of this. As a result, the vast majority of our products, including doors and bath screens, are intended for universal installation and include completely reversible doors.

Quick Release for easy cleaning

Quick Release for easy cleaning

With a ‘fast release’ spring mechanism at the bottom of many shower doors from Lakes Bathrooms, it is easy to clean the base and other difficult-to-reach locations. Just push the buttons on the bottom and then click them back into place to open the doors.

Practical and flexible solutions

Reversible shower doors

When it comes to the bathroom, functionality is king, and Lakes Bathrooms is well aware of this. As a result, the vast majority of our products, including doors and bath screens, are intended for universal installation and include completely reversible doors.

I have found AllClear® brilliant. I live in an area where the water is particularly hard and AllClear keeps my shower screen sparkling clean. The water seems to bounce off the glass, leaving no need for constant cleaning. I would definitely recommend this product.
Fiona Clissold, Trustpilot

Lakes Bathroom Shower Screens

Brightening up your bathroom can be as simple as installing the right shower screen. Make your shower disappear and add light and contemporary style to your space by installing a Lakes Bathrooms shower screen. Boasting a range of modern designs with multiple sizes and configuration options to choose between, Lakes Bathrooms’ shower screen, shower enclosure, and shower door range has something for everyone.

The 6mm toughened glass and completely reversible easy-fit construction of each shower screen provides outstanding value and the highest degree of quality. Lakes Bathrooms’ shower screens are classified as semi-frameless and are appropriate for corner shower enclosures.

Whether you’re looking for a normal corner shower screen or a quadrant shower screen, the Lakes Bathrooms shower screen collection has it all. Corner Entry, Tobago, and Martinique are three of their most popular items, all of which are available in a variety of sizes.

Best Selling Lakes Bathroom Shower Screens

Lakes Bathroom Bath Screens

Bath screens are can make a bathroom appear larger, and can prevent water from splashing out of a bath area. However, Lakes Bathrooms’ bath screens offer additional benefits; they’re are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their AllClear coating, and they’re available in a range of contemporary designs to complement even the most modern of bathrooms.

Not every bathroom has enough area for both a shower and a bath. Bath screens are great in such bathrooms. Shower screens from Lakes Bathrooms reach new creative heights; they’re genuinely attractive! There are many modern shower screen designs to select from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and area. Square, curved, and sculpted bath screens are available, with extra panels (to allow for a pivot screen door) and a towel rail as extras.

Bath screens from Lakes Bathrooms are of the same high quality as their shower screens. They have a completely reversible easy-fit construction and 6mm toughened glass.

Best Selling Lakes Bathroom Bath Screens

Lakes Bathrooms FAQs

Who Is Lakes Bathrooms?

Lakes Bathrooms is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative shower screens marketed only through independent bathroom retailers such as Alpine Building Products. They are a privately held family business that started in 1986 with a strong reputation for superior quality, first-rate customer service, on-time delivery, and innovative solutions.

Lakes Bathrooms’ collection includes timeless classics as well as contemporary designs that are appropriate for a variety of bathroom sizes and styles. They have been recognised for their manufacturing, winning the prestigious ‘Best Bathroom Manufacturer’ three years in a row; 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Lakes Bathrooms is also a glass innovation pioneer. They offer AllClear® high-performance stay-clean coating and PureVueHD low-iron glass. AllClear is applied to both sides of the glass, guaranteeing that Lakes Bathrooms’ products continue to look fantastic for longer periods of time and with less work. PureVueHD removes the intrinsic green tint in normal glass, resulting in glass that is clearer, lighter, and brighter. Many products in their collection include this as a standard feature.

Lakes Bathrooms achieved the Carbon Footprint Standard by calculating its carbon footprints and supporting globally certified carbon offset schemes.

What is the Guarantee of Lakes Bathrooms Products?

Every product in Lakes Bathrooms’ range, including shower screens, shower enclosures, and bath screens, comes with a ‘no-quibble‘ lifetime Guarantee. The Lifetime Guarantee is also transferrable. Therefore, even if you sell your property, the next owner will be insured. If there is an issue with any aspect of your Lakes Bathrooms product, they will quickly resolve it.

Some shower screen enclosures Lakes Bathrooms’ range also features a tray backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Can Anyone Install Lakes Bathrooms Products?

Yes, all Lakes Bathrooms’ products are engineered for easy installation and come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, including recommendations for general care and maintenance, cleaning, and daily care. In most installations, minimal tools such as a tape measure, spirit level, screwdriver, and electric drill are required.

Which shower screen is best for small bathrooms?

The Lakes Bathroom collection offers various space-saving options for small bathrooms. The best shower screens are the Quadrant Shower, Offset Quadrant Shower, Corner Entry Shower, and the Corner Entry Matt Black shower. The Pivot Door and Bi-Fold Door are excellent options if your bathroom configuration suits a shower door over a shower screen.

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