White ‘C’ Handles

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The White ‘C’ Handles from Alpine Building Products’ kitchen cabinets range are the perfect upgrade to turn a great kitchen into an exceptional kitchen. Contemporary in design, the White ‘C’ Handles completely change a kitchens’ look.

The White ‘C’ Handles are available in three size variants; 128mm to fit base cabinets and wall units, 256mm to fit drawer units and 406mm to fit pantry units.

Transform the look of any Alpine Building Products’ kitchen with a simple handle upgrade. Boasting a uber-modern matt white finish, the White ‘C’ Handles are a perfect choice. They are attractive and highly suitable for minimalistic, all-white, contemporary and eclectic kitchen designs.

The White ‘C’ Handles are manufactured to the highest levels of standard and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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