45cm Cutlery Insert (Suits BD45)

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The 45cm Cutlery Insert from Alpine Building Products’ kitchen cabinet accessories range is an essential organisational storage component of any Alpine kitchen. Designed to suit the Base Cupboard Four(4) Drawer 45cm, this cutlery insert will ensure all cutlery is neatly stored out of sight.

The 45cm Cutlery Insert measures 37.5cm Width x 45.5cm Depth.

Create a kitchen that is functional and modern in design with the inclusion of the 45cm Cutlery Insert. Comprising seven components, the Cutlery Insert provides ample space for storing knives, forks, spoons, utensils, and other kitchen necessities.

The 45cm Cutlery Insert is a practical kitchen storage solution.

Buy the 45cm Cutlery Insert for the Base Cupboard Four(4) Drawer 45cm from an Alpine Building Products’ stockist.


37.5cm Width x 45.5cm Depth