Chrome ‘C’ Handles

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The Chrome ‘C’ Handles are the handles that come standard on all cabinets in Alpine Building Products’ kitchen cabinets range. Stylish and contemporary in design, the Chrome ‘C’ Handles can be added to other cabinets to match the Alpine range.

The Chrome ‘C’ Handles are available in three size variants; 128mm to fit base cabinets and wall units, 256mm to fit drawer units and 406mm to fit pantry units.

Match pre-existing cabinets with Alpine cabinets by simply adding Chrome ‘C’ Handles. The Chrome ‘C’ Handles will add a modern touch to any kitchen. They complement any modern kitchen and are ideal for traditional, classic, all-white, and transitional kitchen designs.

The Chrome ‘C’ Handles are high-quality products which come with a 5-year warranty.

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