Prestige Smart Toilet Seat

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  • Automatic open and close of the toilet seat cover
  • Rear and front bidet spray
  • Back and forth nozzle for an even flow wash and massage
  • Self-cleaning bidet
  • Heated Seat
  • Drying function
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Booster pump for more pressure
  • Adjustable temperature control for the Water, Air Dryer and Toilet seat
  • LED Night light
  • Remote control operated
  • Soft closing seat and cover
  • Watermark and SAA approval certificates.


The Prestige Smart Toilet Seat is a wireless remote-controlled toilet seat that makes your sitting experience even more relaxing, comfortable and convenient.

Prestige Smart Toilet Seat can be used on an existing toilet suite or fitted perfectly to our Everest & Cube Curved toilet suites.

With an automatic open and close seat cover, self-cleaning rear and front bidet spray, and back and forth nozzle for an even flow wash and massage, the Prestige Smart Toilet will transform your toilet experience. Plus, there’s an instant heating module. So, there’s no need to store water for pre-heating, making this seat very energy-efficient.

The Bluetooth remote has six functions; one-touch auto, air drying, heating seat, female cleanse, and soft lighting (LED night light). This means easy operation at night time, especially when there are insufficient light sources! The heated seat and cover is an added bonus that will make the user feel refreshed, especially during cold nights.

Other features include an air dryer, a cleaning system, an antibacterial system to kill 99.9% of germs and a booster pump for more pressure washing. There’s also an adjustable temperature control for the Water, Air Dryer and Toilet seat to ensure you get the right temperature every time.

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Prestige Smart Toilet Seat

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Ceramics 5 Years Replacement parts or complete product
Internal Valves (Inlet & Outlet) 3 Years Replacement parts
Button Assembly 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Seat & Hinges Smart Toilet Seats 1 Year 2 Year Replacement parts or product Replacement parts or product
Link and Flush Pipes 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Please note parts subject to wear and tear such as seals and rubbers are not covered by warranty

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