Mirage Toliet Seat

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Alpine high-quality, heavy-duty PP toilet seat available in a White colour.

Soft close with Quick-release buttons.

It is mounted from the top of the toilet pan, so you do not need to remove the toilet pan to install this seat.

The fittings & stainless steel cap are included so the only tool required to install is a screwdriver.

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Mirage Toilet Seat

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Ceramics 5 Years Replacement parts or complete product
Internal Valves (Inlet & Outlet) 3 Years Replacement parts
Button Assembly 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Seat & Hinges

Smart Toilet Seats

1 Year

2 Year

Replacement parts or product

Replacement parts or product

Link and Flush Pipes 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Please note parts subject to wear and tear such as seals and rubbers are not covered by warranty