Cube Toliet Seat

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Alpine high-quality, heavy-duty UF RESIN toilet seat available in either White or Black colours.

Soft close with Quick-release buttons.

UF resin has a strong feel as if it was manufactured in Ceramic.

It is mounted from the top of the toilet pan, so you do not need to remove the toilet pan to install this seat.

The fittings & stainless steel cap are included so the only tool required to install is a screwdriver.

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Cube Toilet Seat

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Ceramics 5 Years Replacement parts or complete product
Internal Valves (Inlet & Outlet) 3 Years Replacement parts
Button Assembly 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Seat & Hinges

Smart Toilet Seats

1 Year

2 Year

Replacement parts or product

Replacement parts or product

Link and Flush Pipes 1 Year Replacement parts or product
Please note parts subject to wear and tear such as seals and rubbers are not covered by warranty